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Singletracks: Line Shoe "Fits Well and Feels Good on the Trail"

maanantai 19. lokakuuta 2020

Tuotteet reviewed the Line trail-riding shoe, giving it high marks for its support, comfort and off-the-bike traction.

Tester Brian Gerow reported on the fit and features of the Line shoe, which was designed with input from Giant Factory Off-Road Team enduro racers to be a versatile performer on and off the bike. It features ExoBeam sole technology and the ExoWrap 360-degree foot enclosure for pedaling efficiency along with a lightweight, breathable upper that’s water resistant and quick drying.
“The toe box leaves plenty of space for air flow on hot rides and extra socks on brisk ones,” Gerow wrote. “The cinching velcro and ratchet straps are well placed and padded so that you don’t feel them while riding, and the tongue doesn’t fold and bunch up annoyingly as it can with some other shoes.”
Looking at their off-the-bike performance, Gerow wrote: “Traction and padding on the sole of the Line shoes is no joke. The front and rear third of the sole is packed with wide traction that works well in dry and wet conditions alike. The rubber tread is grippy, and the shoes provide plenty of traction when it’s time to walk up a piece of trail. The midfood is flatter and equally grip-happy, helping the shoes hold fast to the pedal if you aren’t able to clip in before a technical feature.”
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