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Singletracks Calls Charge Pro "A Great Pair of Race Kicks"

keskiviikko 21. lokakuuta 2020

Tuotteet posted a feature review of the Charge Pro shoe, claiming its blend of stiff pedaling efficiency, comfort and off-the-bike grip makes them “an ideal pair for riders who want lightweight, immediate power transfer and forest exploration capabilities in the same shoe.”

The Charge Pro, made for XC, cyclocross and gravel riding, is designed with a full-carbon ExoBeam plate on the outsole that optimizes pedaling stiffness and power transfer while also allowing torsional flexibility in the rear and mid-foot for comfort. Tester Brian Gerow used them for dirt road rides and trail riding adventures.
“I can confirm that the stiff sole feels efficient,” Gerow wrote. “There is very little flex in the platform, and you cannot feel the pedal whatsoever, making hot spots nonexistent. The shoes feel unwaveringly supportive when it’s time to stand up and sprint over the short climbs.”
That stiffness, Gerow wrote, is balanced by comfort and a supportive, adjustable fit. “Charge Pro models tighten with a pair of BOA dials and a lone Velcro strap just before the toe box, so dialing in fit with these shoes is easily sorted on the fly. The upper BOA lace runs through two sets of holes to tighten the majority of the shoe, while the lower dial only adjusts mind-foot tautness. The Velcro strap across the widest point of the foot is potentially the most important one, as toes are a common spot for pain and discomfort in stiff XC racing shoes.”
Summing it up, Gerow wrote: “Folks who are searching for an efficient XC or cyclocross shoe with good grip and clean looks will likely be happy with the Charge Pro. The tight pedal interface and stiff sole make these a great pair of race kicks, and they feel sturdy enough to last a few seasons.”
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