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Media Buzz For New Trance X Advanced Pro 29

torstai 22. lokakuuta 2020


Last month Giant introduced the new Trance X Advanced Pro 29, a full-composite trail bike with updated Maestro rear suspension and a new flip chip feature that allows riders to adjust frame geometry.

The launch of Giant’s most capable all-rounder trail bike has caught the attention of cycling media around the world, with dozens of outlets publishing feature stories on it. Some select gear editors and testers have had a chance ride the new trail bike and post their initial impressions.

Vital MTB gave the Trance X Advanced Pro 29 a perfect 5-star rating, claiming: "The Giant Trance X is a forward-thinking bike that defines the modern trail bike category. It is capable of riding the most technical trail both up and down in a manner that was once mutually exclusive."

Vital MTB also featured the bike in a Tech Talk podcast, which can be listened to at this link.

Alan Muldoon, Bike Test Editor at Mountain Bike Rider magazine, had this to say: "The Trance X Advanced Pro 29 is a modern trail bike in every respect. It retains the speed and feel that makes the regular Trance Advanced such a joy to ride, but the extra length, increased travel and changes to the geometry really make the Trance X 29 faster both uphill and down." 
Pinkbike posted a story along with a feature video that details the full Trance X 29 range and hints at an upcoming test of the flagship Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0 model. Tester Mike Levy reported on some of the key new features and technologies, including the Maestro rear suspension system with 135mm of travel and the adjustable frame geometry.
Looking at the flip chip feature, Levy wrote: “It’s worth noting that [Giant’s] prototype World Cup downhill bike has used this for a few seasons now.”
For more insights and ride reviews, check out these links below. 
Learn all about the full new range of new Trance X Advanced Pro 29 bikes on our page.

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