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BikeRadar "Blown Away" By New TCR Advanced SL Disc!

perjantai 2. lokakuuta 2020


BikeRadar published a review of the new TCR Advanced SL Disc road bike, calling it a “dream machine” and giving it an excellent 4.5-star rating (out of 5).

Warren Rossiter, Senior Technical Editor Road for BikeRadar, reviewed the flagship model of the TCR Advanced SL Disc series, the TCR Advanced SL 0. He reported on some of the key technologies and manufacturing capabilities that makes it "a superbike" and puts it ahead of the competition, including a new laser-cutting and binding process for the composite material used in the frame and fork.
“The frame’s stiffness and aerodynamics have also been improved, which shows how important the new Advanced carbon materials and manufacture have been to this bike’s design,” Rossiter wrote. “My complete test bike, a large fitted with two Giant bottle cages, tips the scales at just 6.71kg. Consider that the UCI’s legal limit for racing is 6.8kg and that shows just how light this bike is.”
As for its performance on the road, Rossiter wrote: “I’ve been completely blown away by the dynamic feel of the 2021 TCR. You can’t detect any unwanted flex through the pedals and bars and the response of the ride is sheer brilliance. It shines very brightly when you’re powering on the pedals and the swiftness of the handling makes for a bike that can be flicked and thrown around in an instant. It simply refuses to be anything but spot on when it comes to handling; nothing knocks your confidence.”
Rossiter also detailed some of the key components that contribute to the winning ride quality of the TCR Advanced SL Disc, including its CADEX WheelSystem, Contact SLR cockpit components and the new Giant Fleet SLR saddle.
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