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Las bicicletas de carretera ganadoras poseen un equilibrio justo entre peso ligero, rigidez y cumplimiento sobre el asfalto. La nueva TCR Advanced ofrece los tres y agrega un rendimiento aerodinámico actualizado para ofrecer el pack completo a los ciclistas de carretera competitivos.


Class-leading efficiency

Lightweight composite materials and reengineered tubing shapes result is a livelier ride quality, explosive acceleration and improved climbing efficiency with greater torsional frame stiffness than key competitor bikes.

Advanced aerodynamics

This is where the TCR’s most quantifiable gains can be found compared to previous generation models. Every tube shape was analyzed, engineered and tested to create an overall structure with significantly lower drag at a wider range of yaw angles. The result is a TCR that’s faster than ever in sprints and solo situations.

Total control

An all-new composite fork boasts impressive torsional stiffness for unrivaled steering precision. And a Giant wheelset with tubeless technology allows you to run lower tire pressures for increased grip and a reduced risk of punctures.


Puntos importantes

La nueva serie TCR Advanced presenta un cuadro y una horquilla completamente nuevos para ofrecer un rendimiento superior, sea cual sea el terreno. Echa un vistazo a sus tecnologías clave.

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