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Suspensión Maestro

La Maestro mueve montañas

Sea cual sea el tipo de aventura que estés buscando en montaña, la suspensión Maestro de Giant te ayuda a sacar el mayor rendimiento de tus esfuerzos. Control, tracción, confort, velocidad: Maestro te da más de todo. Maestro es una plataforma de suspensión completa adaptable que ofrece un recorrido trasero suave y activo para cualquier tipo de ruta y todo tipo de terrenos.


Puntos importantes

Pedaling Efficiency

Whether you’re sprinting up a climb or hammering through a rock garden, Maestro Suspension performs consistently under pedaling power and doesn’t compromise efficiency.

Feature: Maestro utilizes four strategically positioned pivot points (the four red dots) and two linkages that all work to create a single floating pivot point (the red circle).

Benefit: This single floating pivot point improves pedaling efficiency by counteracting pedaling forces that would otherwise create suspension compression (squatting) or pedal kickback (bobbing). Both seriously hinder performance by sapping energy from you and your bike.

Complete Suspension Activity

From high-frequency trail vibrations to big-hit compressions, Maestro Suspension soaks up the full spectrum of trail impacts.

Feature: Maestro’s near vertical wheel path and linear spring curve allow the rear suspension to remain incredibly sensitive to both small and big impacts—without “packing up” under rapid, successive hits or bottoming out under big hits.

Benefit: The better the contact with the ground, the more control you have. And the more sensitive your suspension is, the better your acceleration, braking and cornering traction.

Total Brake Independence

Even under full braking force, Maestro Suspension stays active and gives you better control.


Trunnion Mount

The latest Anthem and Trance off-road models feature updated Maestro Suspension systems with our new Trunnion Mount shock and Advanced Forged Composite rocker arm. The Trunnion Mount allows for a longer shock shaft, which produces a lower leverage ratio and smoother ride performance. It also allows for shorter chainstays to improve quickness and agility on the trail. The Advanced Forged composite rocker arm weighs less than the previous aluminum version while being stiffer and stronger. Together, these innovations result in the following core benefits:

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