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Which E-MTB is for me?


For choosing the right E-MTB, you can choose between a Full Suspension (Giant Full-E+) or a Hardtail (Giant Dirt-E+)

The Full-Suspension E-MTB offers front and rear suspension for more comfort and control. The Hardtail E-MTB features only a front suspension.

Why choose a Hardtail E-MTB?

Hardtails have simple constructions without any complicated connections compared to a full-suspension. This makes them more cheaper and easier in maintenance as well. 

Hardtail E-bikes also provide greater stiffness while cycling. They provide greater stiffness while cycling, thus providing a more efficient transmission of traction force, although there are full-suspension models where you can lock the suspension, making it an hardtail. But often a full-suspension bike whose suspension is locked is not as rigid as an hardtail.

Although you have a motor and weight isn’t really a factor. The hardtail, is equipped with only a front suspension compared to the full-suspension. Therefor the weight of an hardtail frame is lower than that of a full-suspension.

The hardtail bikes provide fixed geometry, which does not change the position of the body and certain distances, such as the chain line or the saddle distance. Stepping and braking is more 'stable'. Generally, full-suspension frames have such changes, although different types of geometry try to eliminate as much as possible.

This is the perfect bike for smooth terrain while the front suspension can absorb the bumps on easy and smooth trails.

Why choose a Full-Suspension E-MTB?
The full-suspension E-MTB’s offer you great comfort and control by its double suspension on the front and rear.

Most of the full-suspension E-MTB’s have more travel and slacker geometries compared to hardtails which help you conquer more technical terrain.

By having a double suspension setup your wheels track the ground in a better way.

The suspension makes it happen that you as a rider pump through the bike and the wheels stay on the ground. This feature helps you with overall bike handling.

Through their double suspension the hits and bumps of the trails are more absorbed so your body doesn’t feel the impact.  

You are stuck to the ground through the extra traction and bum-absorption and therefor you can make more speed when riding downhill. Riding uphill with an E-MTB is always fast while you can be even faster when you lock your suspensions to remove the flex and movement.

This is the perfect choice for rougher terrain while the front and rear suspension can absorb the bumps on rough and technical terrain.

Either way, both bikes offer comfort and control on different types of terrain.

Empower yourself to choose the E-MTB which fits you best.