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What to do when the E-bike battery runs out?


Our Giant E-bikes are equipped with our EnergyPaks that offer different levels of WH. In this way your E-bike gets the power that it needs.

Giant E-bikes are supported by our own SyncDrive motor technology, which provides support on the most challenging terrain.

You can always check your battery level on your RideControl display. In this way you can check out what the battery status is and see if you are still doing fine. You can also push the button on the EnergyPak to check out what the status of the EnergyPak is.

But what if the battery runs out? Then what?

No problem, you can still pedal and get home safely but then without any support.

Is it easy?

That depends on what type of terrain you are riding.

Empower yourself to ride your E-bike even when the battery runs out.