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How to Wash an E-Bike


To get the longest life possible out of your E-Bike you can take some simplesteps to maintain and clean it yourself, without regular trips to the dealer.

Tools needed

  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Soap or bike cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Chain Oil
  • Light Spray Oil

1. Washing your E-bike
Fill a bucket with water and dish soap or specific bike cleaner. Then rinse your bike
DO: Use a garden hose to rinse your bike.
DO NOT: use a pressure hose or a jet power washer. because they could cause dirt and debris to move into these sensitive areas. You could also wash away grease which is intended to prevent water and dirt from penetrating into your bearings.

2. Apply degreaser
Use bike-specific degreaser on the entire drivetrain (cassette, derailleurs, chain, chainrings) and allow the solution to soak in for at least 5 minutes while you clean the rest of your bike.
DO NOT: Spray degreaser onto brake calipers/brake pads/rotors if you have disc brakes. If degreaser finds its way to these areas, it can cause contamination and squeaky brakes!
When your waiting for the degreaser to dry you can go on cleaning the rest of the bike.
3. Soap and sponging the bike

After the degreaser dried you can apply soap and water donʼt be to polite because your bike can handle a little soap and water and your battery is waterproof You can scrub everything easily accessible! Continue to occasionally dip your brushes into your soapy water as you scrub. Holding a sponge on your chain as you pedal forwards is a great way to clean off goopy grease. When youʼre satisfied use the garden hose again to rinse off the entire bike.

4. Drying your bike carefully.
Flip your bike over and bounce it on the tires to remove excess water. If it is a sunny day, you can sit the bike out in the sun to dry. youʼll want to dry it as best, Pay careful attention to bolts, the drivetrain and any other location that tends to hold water.

5. Lube and greasing the bike
Use a decent chain oil to keep the chain lubricated after cleaning, make sure it isnʼt left dry. Wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the summer. (Wet lube stays wet, dry lube dries). You can lube the cables with light spray oil. If using lubricant that stays wet, on your next outing dust can stick to this causing more problems and can cause cable to seize. And always Keep the tyres properly inflated.