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How to Lock an E-Bike


Your E-bike is a product that you want lock so that nobody can get away with it. So how you can be sure that your E-bike is safe?

If you are going to places were you rather not leave your E-bike outside, try to bring your E-bike inside with you. It is always better to store the E-bike somewhere safe inside then outside.

The best option is to lock your E-bike with a bicycle lock, preferably of different styles of brands. If one bike lock is good, then two bike locks are even better. Thieves are always checking out their chances and when you have two locks this reduces  the bike thief’s view of his chances of successfully stealing the E-bike.

Always be sure that the lock is attached to something so that nobody can get away with it or that it requires serious damage to remove the E-bike from the lock. Lock your E-bike to an object that is stronger and bigger than your E-bike. You can stick with things like solid metal posts, street lights, fences etc. This avoids that the thief can get away easily with it and cut the lock in a more quit environment.

Last but certainly not least, get your EnergyPak off your E-bike. This makes the E-bike less interesting for thieves. Remember that the bike still can ride without EnergyPak so that it is still interesting for thieves to steal it. You use your key to get your EnergyPak out of the bike so it is impossible to steal only the EnergyPak without your key. Make sure you always lock the E-bike although you removed the EnergyPak.

Combining all above methods would be the best thing to do; put your E-bike inside, use two locks and lock it to an object with the EnergyPak out of it…. Just to be safe.