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How to Load Your E-Bike on a Car


We all would love to get our E-bike riding in the most beautiful environments and take it on our holidays. If you are considering taking your E-bike with you by a car rack please let us explain more about doing so.

It is wise to know that all of the E-bikes fit normal cycle racks and you always have to check the weight capacity of the racks. Most of the Giant E-bikes weigh around 20-25kg and most of the car racks can hold around 45kg. Make sure you’ve checked the weight capacity before you start loading and riding to avoid troubles.

To handle the E-bike in a better way it is best to get the EnergyPak off your E-bike. In this way the E-bike is much easier to handle and a lot lighter as well. You can transport the EnergyPak in your car. Be careful that the temperature is not to hot or too cold in the car since EnergyPaks don’t like that.

After you put the E-bike on the rack tighten them down and be sure that the E-bike is firmly attached to the rack.

The only thing left to do is to start your engine and go to the place you love most for riding your E-bike.