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How to Charge your E-Bike


Charging an E-bike seems simple, but there are a few things that you can take into account to increase the battery life. We will provide a number of tips that will definitely help you keep your electric bicycle longer and keep your EnergyPak in a good condition.

When you buy your E-bike most of the time the Giant dealer already charged the battery to its fullest for you since it will be delivered in a hibernate state. Always ask him if he did this since this is good for the battery while the energy can flow through all the cells. If he didn’t do this do it by yourself. Charge it till it’s full.

  • A ‘hibernate’ EnergyPak can be recognized by pushing the energy level check button. The LED’s of the EnergyPak will not light up.
  • Plug an active charger in the EnergyPak.
  • Unplug the charger from the EnergyPak.
  • The EnergyPak is now out of ‘hibernate’ state. Pushing the energy level check button will result in lighting up LED’s.
  • The EnergyPak is ready for usage.
  • It is not possible for an EnergyPak to go back to ‘hibernate’ state once it is awoken.

Secondly it is good that you avoid temperature in extremes both in usage and in charging. Charging the EnergyPak battery should be at room temperature (±20°C/68°F). Charging below 0°C or above 40°C (32°F~104 °F) can lead to insufficient charging and can be harmful to the battery life cycle.

During charging:
- Charger LED will be continuously red.
- EnergyPak LED’s that are continuously red show charge level.
- EnergyPak LED’s that blink show charging is in progress.

When charging is completed:
- When charger’s LED turns green.
- All EnergyPak’s LED’s are red and then switch off

When you get the battery out of your E-bike and want to store it, make sure it is stored in a safe and climate neutral place. Please notice that you shouldn’t store your battery while it is empty or in a very low charge.

If the bike is not used for a longer period (one month or more) the EnergyPak is best stored:
• At 60% of its capacity (3 out of 5 charging LED’s).
• Separate from the bike.
• At temperatures between 0°C and 40°C.
• Checked every month to see if at least one LED is still blinking. Charge when needed.
Charging the EnergyPak should be done at a minimum of every 3 months. Negligence to this could void the warranty of the EnergyPak.

When charging the battery, always make sure the location is dry. It is also important that the EnergyPak and charger are in a place where they could not cause any damaging fire.

If you want the best out of your EnergyPak than you should definitely follow these steps so that you can get the most out of this expensive component of your E-bike.