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Todas las bicicletas de asistencia eléctrica Giant están equipadas con tecnologías Hybrid Cycling. Este innovador sistema combina la potencia de la electricidad y la potencia humana para crear una experiencia de conducción en bicicleta eléctrica lo más eficiente, potente y natural posible. Es una extensión natural de su propia energía, y lo que distingue nuestras e-bikes de las demás. Para más información sobre nuestra tecnología de cHybrid Cycling, consulte las guías a continuación.


Technology Highlights


Our handlebar-mounted RideControl units make it easy to switch between power modes and view critical ride data such as battery charge, speed, distance and GPS. You can use navigation features, record your ride, set fitness goals and view system data.


Our SyncDrive motors automatically detect pedaling cadence and force along with speed and motor rotation. The motor delivers power based on a rider’s input and the chosen support mode. This pedaling support blends seamlessly with a rider’s input, so it feels smooth and natural.


Advanced motor technologies and battery systems help you ride farther and faster with less effort. Providing up to 360% additional support, we offer motors for every style of riding, from commuting and recreational riding to high-performance trail and road riding. Our EnergyPak battery systems give you long-lasting range, and smart charging technologies make it quick and easy to recharge.