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Sube grandes desniveles con una eficacia de conducción suave y baja en picado por descensos con estabilidad y velocidad. Esta semi-rígida de 29" de aluminio ofrece una calidad de conducción equilibrada en terrenos XC.

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Built on an ALUXX SL aluminum frame, Fathom 29 features updated geometry that produces a stable ride quality for challenging XC trails. The frame is optimized for a 100mm suspension fork giving you efficiency on the climbs and total control on the descents. And a Giant WheelSystem comes with tubeless tires already set up, making it easy to experience added efficiency and control, plus a reduced risk of flats on technical terrain.

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Tecnología de Aluminio ALUXX SL
Tecnología Compliance Tuned
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Fathom 29 (AGOTADO)