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La victoire de Kurt Sorge au 2012 Red Bull Rampage

Sorge Wins Red Bull Rampage!

October 8, 2012

Four years after he exploded onto the international mountain bike scene with a second-place finish at the 2008 Red Bull Rampage, Giant rider Kurt Sorge returned to the red rocks of Virgin, Utah, and went one better. With a jaw-dropping run on his Giant Glory, the 23-year-old Canadian captured the biggest prize that exists in big-mountain freeride competition, first place at the 2012 Red Bull Rampage.

“It all came together,” Sorge said after his win. “The run was gnarly but I’m just glad I got it together for myself and for first place. It was actually fun, one of the funnest runs I’ve ever ridden in my life.”

The finals came down to two runs, with the best score counting. With the extreme red rock cliffs, desert terrain, and biggest jumps in the history of the event serving as their stadium, Rampage riders can choose, and even build, their own lines. Sorge and his crew spent the days leading up to the finals dialing in his line.

“Yeah, this is not a one-man team for Rampage,” Sorge said, crediting his Giant mechanics and crew for giving him the support to tackle the extreme terrain.

Sorge hit the course charging, dropping a fearless line and launching a no-hander off a precarious drop. He wowed the crowed with his aggressive lines, showing confidence in his Glory bike to stay on track. The two clinchers for taking the top score were a huge backflip into the Fang Snakepit and a stretched out Superman seat grab.