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The Talon 27.5 men's off-road bike features new 27.5-inch wheel technology that makes it light and stable for off-road riding.

New 27.5 MTBs Unveiled by Giant and Liv/giant

June 7, 2013

Giant and Liv/giant are introducing new 2014 men’s and women’s off-road bikes with 27.5-inch wheel technology. The Giant Talon 27.5 and Liv/giant Tempt, both XC-oriented 27.5 hardtails aimed at sport-level riders, represent the first off-road bikes from Giant with 27.5-inch wheels.

The Talon 27.5 men’s series includes three models with varying component specs and price points. Each is built around a lightweight, durable ALUXX aluminum frame that’s engineered to optimize the new 27.5-inch wheel size and a 100mm suspension fork. The Talon 27.5’s blend of light weight, comfort and quick-yet-stable trail handling makes it a great choice for sport off-road riders.

The women’s Liv/giant Tempt also features new 27.5 technology. With a lightweight ALUXX frame with women’s-specific geometry, it’s a perfect choice for sport-level female trail riders looking to improve their skills and expand their off-road riding abilities and experience. The Tempt series offers three models at different price levels and component selections.

The most notable feature of both the Talon 27.5 and Tempt is the new wheel size. . Through an extensive research and testing program, Giant engineers analyzed and compared the various off-road wheel sizes (26, 27.5 and 29) and determined that 27.5 delivers the best riding experience for these bikes.

Behind that engineering direction are three key characteristics of 27.5 technology:

1. Lighter weight
  • 27.5-inch wheels are only 5 percent heavier than 26. By comparison, 29-inch wheels are 11 percent heavier than 26-inch.
  • Overall weights of 27.5 bikes also trend closer to 26 than heavier 29 versions of the same series.

2. More Efficient
  • 27.5-inch wheels accelerate much like 26, outperforming 29-inch wheels.
  • 27.5-inch wheels roll over obstacles with much more control than 26. That translates into more efficient cornering, acceleration and braking capabilities.

3. Better Control
  • The larger the diameter of a wheel, the greater the contact patch of the tire. A larger contact patch results in better traction—which improves acceleration, deceleration and cornering. 27.5-inch wheels provide a contact patch that is similar to 29-inch wheels.
  • The larger the wheel, the larger the frame dimensions must be—and that leads to unwanted flex. A flexing frame causes sloppy handling and slower acceleration under heavy power. A 27.5 frame flexes less than a 29 frame, resulting in better control.

Both the Talon 27.5 and the Tempt are available now at local Giant retailers.