United Kingdom

Giant P-SLR 1 Aero Wheelsystem - Cycling Weekly Recommended


March 15, 2012

Giant P-SLR 1 Aero wheelsystem featured in this week's Cycling Weekly aero wheel test.

Cycling Weekly got hold of Giant's new P-SLR 1 Aero wheelsystem as soon as they arrived in the UK; and that was the last we saw of them for some time! What resulted is one of the most extensive wheel tests we have ever seen, featuring detailed lab testing coupled with extensive real world riding.

"the Giant P-SLR 1's are a clear winner"

Being selected as one of their 10 best aero wheelsets was a fine accolade with such a choice available in the market - but the Giant's went one better - coming out on top scoring an incredible 9/10 and a Cycling Weekly Recommended to match!

The Giant's ranked highly in the lab testing - but it was the real world conditions that proved the Giant's were something special;

"Every tester agreed, the P-SLR1 Aeros are a great all-round wheel suited to a multitude of disciplines."

Coming soon to Giant Click & Collect and available now at your nearest Giant Retailer.