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"The frame is completely purpose-built," EBR wrote. "Cables are internally routed and the battery and motor are streamlined."

EBR Reviews "Beautiful and Refined" Road-E+!

28 March 2017

EBR, a website dedicated to e-bike reviews, posted a story on the 2017 Road-E+, praising the performance-oriented E-bike for its quiet, responsive motor, integrated battery pack, and wide range of gears among other things.

"I love how integrated the motor is at the bottom bracket, how nicely it fits into the purpose-built frame, and that it keeps weight low and centered as opposed to a hub motor system," wrote EBR. "The motor assist is highly adjustable so you can still get an excellent workout."

Summing up their impressions of the Road-E+, they wrote: “This is a refined product, despite being new to this market, and I could tell that they had ironed out a lot of the kinks and compromises that other systems had when they first arrived. Beyond that, the four frame sizes, dealer network and beautiful integration seen here really impressed me.”

For more, check out the full review, including a video, at electricbikereview.com.