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In a world flooded with copycat composite bicycles, Giant’s legendary formulaOne process stands alone. Born over 17 years ago, formulaOne has continuously improved through exhaustive materials research, state-of-the-art manufacturing process development and world-class field testing. It’s a process Giant controls—from start to finish. From the countless field testing hours, to the meticulous engineering conducted at the Taiwan-based Techno Center, to the hand lay-up of composite frames at the Giant C-Tech factory, we’re proud to stand alone in the industry and call formulaOne a uniquely Giant process.


formulaOne is Giant’s proprietary composite technology that is comprised of two core components: the materials used and the process they’re put though to create Giant composite bicycles. It’s a painstaking process that begins with bare carbon thread and ends with an entirely hand-made composite frame. It’s more than materials and technology, it’s a promise of superior quality and performance that no other major brand can make.


Giant engineers keep three core elements in mind any time they’re assigned a new project: stiffness, weight and ride quality. It’s a difficult juggling act to keep these three elements in harmony. Get one wrong and you’ll end up with a bike that’s too flexy, too harsh or too heavy—characteristics performance-minded riders aren’t willing to accept. Get it right, and you’ll end-up with a bike that accelerates like a rocket, efficiently transfers precious wattage and soaks-up performance-robbing vibration for all-day comfort. Thanks to the performance-tuning capability of formulaOne Composite, Giant road and mountain bikes strike that perfect balance between weight, stiffness and ride quality.It’s the reason we’re confident in saying Giant composite bicycles ride better than anything else out on the market.


Furthermore, because Giant controls the entire composite production process, each bike built is unlike any other on the showroom floor. How? By a product development process that begins with our world-class athletes, is translated and refined by Giant engineers and is then produced in Giant’s factory—a intimate lineage that no other manufacturer can claim, simply because no other manufacturer operates their own factory. It’s these improvements that eventually make it into your hands. Improvements that enable Giant to craft the best performing composite bikes on and off the road.