Staff representing Giant Canada showed strength in numbers at the VACC Share the Road Challenge. (L to R: Chery Lin, Sean Kerr, Andrew Armour, Hugo Lanthier, Amy Kao, Ian Mathieson, Randy Pye, Andrew Hewat, Bryan Kao, Jennifer Lai, Nica Novlesky, Brandon Crichton)

Giant Participates in Share the Road Challenge

27 October 2010

Giant Bicycles Canada competed in the Share the Road Challenge put on by the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC).

The challenge is to test the speed, efficiency and enjoyment of transit options existing in your area. We proved that cycling is not only fun, but it is the most efficient mode of transportation (and cheaper).

From Head Office in North Vancouver, British Columbia to Downtown Vancouver we challenged Truck VS. Transit VS. Bicycle and the times were as followed:

Transit (Bus): 33:05
Vehicle (Truck): 27:45
Bicycle: 23:30

Thank you to the VACC and Translink for a fantastic (early-morning) event.

For more information on the 'Share the Road" Challenge and the VACC click here.