Constructed with an exclusive three-layer laminate fabric, Giant H2Pro bikepacking bags are waterproof, durable and ready to get your gear through the elements. Perfect for singletrack exploring or long haul gravel expeditions, H2Pro helps you stay packed for adventure.


To make sure the bike steers well while carrying load up front, the H2Pro Handlebar bag keeps things compact and held firmly in place with buckles and straps, meaning no special tools are required for installation.

Use your H2Pro Handlebar Bag for lightweight items that you probably won’t need until you get to camp, such as clothes or your sleeping bag and sleeping mat. If you do need to pack a quick access item, such as a rain shell, make sure you place it at one end of the dry bag or the other, to make it easy to get to.

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Perfect for keeping extra quick-grab items close, the H2Pro Stem Bag featuring a  Cyberian Cord Lock allows for easy one-handed access while riding.

Also great for carrying sunscreen, extra nutrition or a cell phone, your H2Pro Stem Bag is probably most useful for packing extra water, as making sure that you're carrying as much water as possible on long-rides is crucial.

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The waterproof H2Pro Top Tube Bag features a sturdy water and dust proof zipper that gives easy one-handed access to quick-grab items. Pack your H2Pro Top Tube Bag with sunscreen, your cell phone, nutrition bars or whatever other items you might need to access frequently.

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The H2Pro Frame Bag fits snugly under the top tube and is designed for easy access either to heavier gear items that help keep the bike's center of gravity low or to larger items that you may need quick access to while riding.

Pack your H2Pro Frame Bag with heavy items such as food, cooking fuel or tools, and make sure you pack them low for better bike handling. Because of its easy one-handed access, you can also use the frame bag for stowing quicker access items, such as a jacket. The H2Pro Frame Bag is also prepared with a hidden hydration hose port, so you can use it to carry extra water too.

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Featuring a removable dry bag and a stable load harness that attaches easily without tools to the saddle rail and seat post, the H2Pro Saddle Bag is perfect for carrying larger or infrequently accessed items.

Pack your H2Pro Saddle Bag with lightweight bulkier items such as clothing or bedding, taking advantage of the air-bleed valve on the dry bag to compress size and keep everything tight and compact. If possible, try to keep the heaviest items close to the seat post to reduce bag-sway that can sometimes occur.

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