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Twist Esprit
Power brown




• Stabiler Giant Esprit AluxX FluidformingTM Rahmen mit horizontaler Akkuplatzierung
• 1 x 36V-10Ah Akku (360Wh) und RideControl LCD-/LED-Bediendisplay
• Langlebiger Giant SyncDriveF Frontmotor mit Freilauf- Technologie für komfortable Fahreigenschaften
• Shimano Nexus 7G-Nabenschaltung mit Rücktrittbremse
• Schwalbe Energizer Bereifung und Giant by RST Teleskop- Federgabel mit konischem Schaft

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Rahmengrößen S=44cm | M=50cm | L=55cm
Farbe 1candywhite
Rahmen GIANT Twist Esprit AluxX Aluminium, FluidForming™
Gabel GIANT by RST Teleskop-Federgabel mit 1⅛“~1½" konischem Schaft, Rebound Adjust
Lenker GIANT City-Trekking, Aluminium
Vorbau GIANT winkelverstellbar, Aluminium
Sattelstütze Post Moderne Cushy ST Patent gefedert, 30.9x250, Aluminium
Sattel GIANT Komfort - Memory Foam, DualDensity
Pedale GIANT City-Trekking, Alu-Body
Schalthebel Shimano Nexus 7S45 Drehgriff-Schalt-/Bremshebel
Schaltwerk Shimano Nexus 7G Nabenschaltung
Bremsen Tektro M730 V-Bremse, Aluminium plus Rücktrittbremse
Bremshebel Shimano Nexus 7S45 Drehgriff-Schalt-/Bremshebel / Shimano Nexus IM45 (links)
Kassette Shimano single
Kette KMC Z610HX
Kurbelsatz SR Suntour, Aluminium, mit GIANT PedalPlusF Kraftsensor
Tretlager VP BC70 Industrielager
Felgen GIANT CR35, Hohlkammer, Aluminium
Naben (v/h) GIANT Twist SyncDriveF Frontmotor / Shimano Nexus 7C18 7G-Bremsnabe
Speichen Niro
Reifen Schwalbe Energizer Reflex, KevlarGuard, 40-622
Zubehör - / Übersetzung: 36 Z. / 18 Z.
Motor GIANT SyncDriveF Frontmotor, Clutch-Type, 250W
Steuergerät GIANT LCD/LED RideControl, abnehmbar
Akku GIANT EnergyPak Lithium-Ionen, 36V-10Ah (360Wh), abschließbar, mit BMS
Reichweite GIANT PedalPlusF, im Tretlager integriert
Beleuchtung (v/h) V: Panasonic HighPower LED / H: Spanninga Vector X LED
Schloss Abus Amparo Rahmenschloß mit Sicherheitschip, One-Key-System für Akku & Schloß
Gepäckträger GIANT Hybrid Aluminium, mit integriertem Akku
Radschutz / Kettenschutz SKS 51, Kunststoff mit Reflektor und Kantenschoner,ASR Sicherheits-Vario-Streben / halboffen
Gewicht (kg) Wie schwer ist das Fahrrad ? Das ist eine vielgestellte Frage. Zur Bestimmung des Gewichtes bei Fahrrädern gibt es keinen einheitlichen Industriestandard, was einen seriösen Vergleich von Gewichtsangaben nahezu unmöglich macht. Ein Fahrrad ist ein komplexes technisches Produkt. Fahrfreude wird von vielen Faktoren wie Sitzposition, Rahmengeometrie, Rahmenmaterial, Rahmenverarbeitung, Federungstechnologie, Laufrädern und Reifen bestimmt.

Größen- und Geometriedaten

Sizing to be used as a reference only. Please check with a local authorized Liv or Giant dealer to determine the correct size.
Available sizes may vary from country to country.

Rahmengröße Steuerrohr-Winkel Sitzrohr-Winkel Oberrohr-Länge Reach Steuerrohr-Länge Stack Kettenstreben-Länge Radstand Überstands-Höhe
XS 70,0°° 72,0°° 58,5 cm 14,0 cm 46,0 cm 109,9 cm 0,0 cm
S 70,0°° 72,0°° 59,0 cm 16,5 cm 46,0 cm 110,8 cm 0,0 cm
M 70,0°° 72,0°° 59,5 cm 16,5 cm 46,0 cm 111,0 cm 0,0 cm
L 70,0°° 72,0°° 60,0 cm 18,0 cm 46,0 cm 111,9 cm 0,0 cm


Hybrid Cycling Technology

Hybrid Cycling Technology is a system that combines electric power with human po...

Hybrid Cycling Technology

1 / 6

Hybrid Cycling Technology

Hybrid Cycling Technology Image

Hybrid Cycling Technology is a system that combines electric power with human power to produce the most efficient, powerful and natural E-bike riding experience. It’s a seamless extension of a rider’s own power that sets Giant E-bikes apart from other “electric” bicycles.

The system consists of four key innovative technologies that work in unison with your own body’s power output—a seamless extension of your own capabilities.

Hybrid Cycling Technology

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SyncDrive Image

Most powerful support. Up to 80Nm of torque, gives instant power and high power at low speeds. You’ll enjoy every second of the ride while this high-performance SyncDrive motor delivers a quiet and comfortable riding experience.

Front shifting allows an extra wide gear range. This gives the opportunity to climb hills and steep trails in a more efficient way while wasting less energy for both the rider and battery.

The high-performance SyncDrive motor produces proportional and linear support. This means the power is instant and feels more predictable.

Hybrid Cycling Technology

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PedalPlus Image

The torque sensor measures the amount of power the rider is applying to the pedals. The motor then replicates the natural riding style, adding assistance when needed.

The PedalPlus 4-sensor technology. Maximizes energy efficiency for both the rider and the battery system.

The PedalPlus 4-sensor technology measures the amount of force a rider is applying to the pedals. The SyncDrive motor reacts by producing instant aneous support, creating a smooth and powerful riding experience.

Hybrid Cycling Technology

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Energypak Image

Giant's new battery technology has 25% higher energy density, which means 25% greater range than most batteries of the same size and weight.

Watt hour rate a battery’s energy content and gives you an idea how far you can ride. Our 500wh EnergyPaks gives the rider the power to cover greater distances.

EnergyPaks are purposefully designed to fit perfectly with Giant E-bikes, featuring with harmonious rounded corners that give them a high-quality, elegant look.

Hybrid Cycling Technology

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Energypak Capacity

Energypak Capacity  Image

The capacity of a Giant EnergyPak is measured in Watt Hours. The exact range is influenced by factors including terrain, rider weight and weather.

300Wh EnergyPaks are mounted to a specially designed rack. Removal and charging of the EnergyPaks is simple. Each can be fully charged in about two hours.

400Wh EnergyPaks are integrated into the frame. This helps stabilize and balance the E-bike while it’s being ridden. You can either remove the EnergyPak to charge it, or plug the charger directly into the E-bike itself. 400Wh EnergyPaks can be fully charged in just three hours.

The new integrated 500Wh EnergyPak has increased range and is the best choice for long distance riding. Most Giant E-Bikes are equipped with this technology. Removal and charging is simple. Each can be fully charged in about three hours.

Hybrid Cycling Technology

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Ridecontrol Image

The ergonomically designed control buttons let the rider control the support level and display with comfort and ease.

Added flexibility and convenience for charging up the battery system.

The walk assist mode makes it easier to wheel the bike along with you while walking.

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