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Say Goodbye to Saddle Pain

Giant performance saddles feature Dynamic Cycling Fit to help eliminate sit bone pain caused by your bike saddle fit.

“How to reduce saddle pain” is the most commonly asked question among cyclists. Actually, 80% of questions related to riding pain have to do with the choice of saddle. What causes the sit bone pain? How do different bike seats help to reduce sit bone pain? The answer lies in our Dynamic Cycling Fit technology.


Pelvic contact condition matters

The fundamentals of ending the correct saddle have always been tied to riders sit bones, and specifically the distance between them. 80%-90% of the riders' weight is supported by their sit bones when seated, and saddle manufacturers tend to use more padding around the area where riders' sit bones will rest, so it is undeniably an important area to focus on in order to ensure one gets the saddle with the correct width, reducing sit bone pain. Beside this, the angle at which riders sit is also very important. Giant has recently established, through extensive testing, that it is in fact pelvic contact condition that affects saddle comfort rather than the sit bone width.

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Bike Saddle Fit Guide

Giant has engineered a new way to ensure riders have the most comfortable ride by ensuring they have a saddle with the right fit - Dynamic Cycling Fit, a simple 5 step process to ensure every rider has the correct saddle for their riding.

Rider Preparation

Start by wearing pants that are made with thin, unobtrusive materials and remove your phone, wallet and other objects from your pockets.

Reference Measurement

A Giant retail technician will use a level instrument to establish the location of the 80mm wide section of the saddle on the current setup on your bike. He will then record your saddle height and handlebar reach from that 80mm wide section for the next step.

Fitting Tool Setup

The technician with then setup the saddle fitting tool on your bike using the recorded saddle height and handlebar measurement in the last step and make adjustments so it is level and parallel to the ground.

Dynamic Measurement

Sit in your natural riding position and pedal at a cadence of about 50-70 rpm on a trainer for at least two minutes. This will allow the most accurate impression of your pelvic contact condition.

Impression evaluation & test ride

Sit in your natural riding position and pedal at a cadence of about 50-70 rpm on a trainer for at least two minutes. This will allow the most accurate impression of your pelvic contact condition.

Saddle Fit Guide


For those riders who have an upright contact condition, the side profile will be slightly wider, the central pressure relief channel slightly shorter and the rear shape will be more flat to properly provides the sit bones with the right amount of support.


For those with a forward contact condition, the saddle will have a longer pressure relief channel, a slightly raised rear shape for suitable support and condition plus the most reduced side profile to avoid any unwanted leg rubbing or pain.


For those with a neutral position, the saddle will have a pressure relief channel that is shorter than the Forward’s yet longer than the Upright’s for optimal comfort for this kind of riders and the slightly reduced side profile allowing more room for movement.

Whether you’re looking for the best road bike saddle for long rides, or trying to eliminate sit bone pain*, Giant will identify and analyze your pelvic impression during a saddle fitting, so you can ensure you have the best bike seat to maximize your saddle comfort.

All Giant saddles incorporate Giant’s Dynamic Cycling Fit philosophy and technology, which results in tailor-made comfort, unique fit and optimal performance whatever your riding style. To ensure the best riding experience, Giant has developed saddles in three different fit options: Forward, Neutral and Upright.

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Particle Flow Technology

Particle Flow

The free flowing particles allow the foam to conform better to the rider’s body and reduce the pressure points that cause pain and discomfort.

Traditional Foam

Traditional foam can only flex a certain amount, thus reducing the contact area with the rider and increasing the focused area of pressure. verwendet cookies. Was bedeutet das für dich?   Schließen