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I just want to get more people out riding. ~ Lee “Hollywood” Turner

Lee is just a normal guy who loves riding his bike, having fun, wearing outrageously colorful cycling kits, and having a laugh at himself. “The name Hollywood came 20 years ago from friends at the bike shop,” Lee said. “Because I always liked to dress immaculately and have all the newest, flashiest stuff.”


Why Cycling?

“Cycling is about being free and always moving. It can be done at any time of the day or night and it doesn't matter if you are riding with someone who is 15 or 75. Everyone is the same age on the bike.

What I love about the road cycling scene is the comradery both with men and women. It’s so much fun. And it’s just freedom and peaceful. There’s nothing better than exploring new cities on the bike. There’s certain things you can’t see when you’re driving around—but when you’re on the bike you can explore cities, cafes. And meeting people!”

Dare to be Different

There are so many beautiful bikes and bright colored kits in the world, and people use it to present their style differently. For Lee, cycling is fashion.

“It's like playing dress up every day when you go out for a ride. I love matching everything in the tiniest detail. I like bright, bold colors with outrageous designs. Dare to be different.”

Lee's Favorite Cycling Routes

Beach Road here in Melbourne down to Sorrento via Arthurs Seat.  See a similar route here:  Arthur’s Seat.

Riding around Lake Como or Majorca. I love riding with water on one side.  See similar routes here: Lake Como and Majorca.

Lee’s Collections

“I choose the TCR because I prefer a lighter bike to an aero bike and in my opinion the TCR does it all and does it all extremely well.”