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Contact SL - Upright



Tested and race-proven by our professional road and Factory Off-Road teams, the all-new Contact SLR and Contact SL series of saddles incorporates our Dynamic Cycling Fit Philosophy and provides optimal performance through perfect fit and superior comfort. 


  • Sportiver Sattel mit Carbon Schale & Edelstahl-Gestell mit überragenden Dämpfungseigenschaften
  • Hochelastische Partikel in der Satteldecke senken Belastungsspitzen um bis zu 20%
  • Sattelkanten-Schutz
  • Pressure Relief Channel = Spezielle Formgebung minimiert den Druck im Sitzbereich und verbessert die Blutzirkulation
  • Dynamic Cycling Fit = 3 verscheiden Sattelformen für unterschiedliche Fahrertypen (Forward, Neutral, Upright)
  • UniClip-kompatibel
  • Gewicht = 202g - 216g


Recognizing the importance of proper saddle fit, Giant created a platform that considers the unique and variable conditions of a cyclist’s connection to the saddle while riding. We call this philosophy Dynamic Cycling Fit. Whether you choose road, XC, trail, enduro or downhill you will experience the comfort of a saddle that feels like it was made just for you.

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