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Propel Advanced Disc

Attacke! Ein Angriff, ein Sprint, eine schnelle Kurve. Und dein Bike, im Wind fast unsichtbar, das höchste aerodynamische Effizienz und totale Kontrolle vereint. Ausgestattet mit Scheibenbremsen und gefertigt mit unserer AeroSystem-Shaping-Technologie ist das integrierte Rahmendesign nachweislich schneller – egal woher der Wind bläst.


This aero road bike minimizes drag so you can accelerate and sprint faster. It also introduces full disc-brake integration for more confidence and control in all types of weather and conditions. Engineered with AeroSystem Shaping technology and Advanced-grade composite, it delivers proven aero performance and one of the lightest frames in its category. New integrated disc brake technology includes flat-mount calipers and thru-axles for wheel stiffness and streamlined performance. The lightweight, easily adjustable Vector composite seatpost further minimizes drag. It all adds up to a race-ready machine that helps you leave the competition behind.

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