GIANT EUROPE Privacy Statement

1. In this Privacy Statement, we, GIANT EUROPE, having our registered office at Pascallaan 66 in Lelystad, The Netherlands and registered under Chamber of Commerce number 39042936 (hereinafter: ‘Giant’), wish to inform you as the user of our services or visitor to the website www.giant-bicycles.com (hereinafter also: ‘the User’) about the information which we collect and the manner in which we collect, process and use this information.

2. You can order bicycles and parts directly from the Giant warehouse on www.giant bicycles.com. Giant will collect your name and contact information, such as your address, telephone number and e-mail address, to handle your order. Giant will treat this information as strictly confidential. This information will not be furnished to third parties, unless Giant is statutorily required to do this or this is necessary to deliver the services. Giant will at a minimum follow the applicable statutory privacy regulations. The payment process, for instance, will be effectuated through a secure Internet protocol.

3. If you provide data to Giant, this data will be recorded in a file. If a consumer makes an order through a Giant website, Giant registers those orders in the consumer's name. This file containing your orders will also be used to make personal offers to you, unless you have stated through Giant’s website that you object to this. The file may likewise be used to create statistical and personal analyses.

4. In addition, we use functional cookies, which enable us to recognize your browser settings. We also use external websites to add functionality to www.giant-bicycles.com. We obtain information about numbers of visits and use of www.giant-bicycles.com by utilizing Google Analytics. We enable items to be shared on social media through AddThis share buttons. We frequently upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo and other websites. All these scripts record information on your computer through cookies, often to ensure that your user experience is as pleasant as possible, but also often to enrich the profile about you that these companies keep. For more information, see our Cookie Policy.

5. If you would like to view or change your data or have data deleted from our file, please contact Giant:
Giant Europe B.V.

Address: Pascallaan 66, 8218 NJ Lelystad, The Netherlands

E-mail: info:giant-europe.com