Steep hills, traffic jams and bad weather are no match for this zippy speed pedelec bike. It’s a fast, fun way to commute or ride longer distances while hardly breaking a sweat.

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Fast and powerful

SyncDrive Pro motor offers a seamless boost of pedaling support up to 45 kph. Combined with our Smart Assist technology, it’s ideal for fast commuting.


The RideDash Evo with on-board navigation helps riders find their way, and smartphone connectivity makes it easy to keep the battery charged.

Comfort and control

Wider tires, powerful disc brakes and integrated accessories including built-in front and rear lights, a rear rack, and a handlebar-mounted rearview mirror give Explore E+ a confident ride quality while commuting at higher speeds.



With its powerful SyncDrive Pro motor, updated cockpit controls including a new full-color RideDash EVO display, the Explore E+ Pro 45 speed pedelec bike is ideal for fast commutes and longer distance rides. It’s built on a sleek and durable ALUXX SL aluminum frame with comfortable, grippy high-volume tires, built-in front and rear lights, a rearview mirror, and a horn. It also has powerful brakes for higher speeds (support up to 45 kph), giving you confidence and control as you ride farther and faster with less effort.

Explore E+ Pro 45 with interactive tooltips


Technologie ALUXX SL Aluminum
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RideControl Ergo
RideDash Evo
Smart Assist
SyncDrive Pro Yamaha