TRX vs XCR: Flow Reviews Two New Giant WheelSystems

pondělí 24. února 2020

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Flow Mountain Bike posted a feature on two new Giant mountain bike WheelSystems, the XCR 0 cross-country wheel and the TRX 0 trail wheel, reviewing the performance of each and detailing the features, technologies and differences between the two composite hoops. Flow testers also reported on some interesting experimentation, comparing the two different wheelsets on one bike, the Trance Advanced Pro 29, and how they affected the performance of the composite trail machine.

Flow had been testing a 2020 Trance Advanced Pro 29 over the past year. The bike was originally spec’d with a TRX 0 WheelSystem, which they say have been absolutely rock-solid over the past 12 months, showing absolutely no signs of the punishment they’ve had inflicted on them.”

"Giant has been making its own wheels for a few years now, but it’s gone hard this year with a complete overhaul of its off-road wheel range," wrote Flow tester Mick Ross. "Giant splits its aftermarket off-road wheelsets into two categories: Trail (TRX) and Cross-Country (XCR). The TRX wheels are designed to be tougher, wider and better suited to aggressive 2.3-2.6in wide tires, so you’ll see them spec’d on bikes like the Trance and Reign. In comparison, the XCR wheels are lighter, skinnier and optimized for 2.0-2.3in tires, and come as stock equipment on Anthem and XTC models."

The basic premise of the review was looking at how the lighter weight XC-oriented XCR 0 WheelSystem would affect the performance of the Trance. “Adding a lighter set of wheels and tires to the arsenal could be a cheaper alternative to get you two bikes in one," Ross wrote. "Two sets of completely different wheels, with dramatic implications to a bike’s character. Pin a race number on your trail bike instead.” 

Ross tried this experiment specifically for some XC races. "Having had my eye on tackling some local club races and longer stage-based events, I decided to fit the XCR 0 wheels to see if I could add a little more speed and rolling efficiency, without having to get my hands on a whole new XC bike," he wrote. "The difference was huge. Not only were the XCR 0 wheels significantly faster, but just a simple wheel swap completely changed the whole bike’s personality.”

Both WheelSystems passed Flow’s test with flying colors, offering different riding characteristics and tailoring the Trance Advanced Pro 29 to different types of terrain.

For all the details, check out the full story at Flow MTB.

And for more on Giant’s full line of off-road WheelSystems, click here.


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