NSMB Calls New Clutch Tool Systems "Innovative and Smart"

pondělí 17. února 2020

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The website NSMB published a review of Giant’s new Clutch trailside tool systems, which offer four different ways to carry essential repair tools on your bike. They reviewed each one and determined “the quality is solid, the designs are simple, and the usability is high.”

Tester Andrew Major tested the Clutch Crank, Clutch Fork and Clutch Bar End tools and storage systems. Reporting on the crank setup, he wrote: “The Clutch Crank puts a multi-tool in the unused space in the hollow center of your crank axle. It makes a lot of sense considering this is unused space and it’s sprung weight carried low.”

The Clutch Fork was also praised. “If you like to carry a CO2, the system works quite brilliantly,” Major wrote. “It’s a great option for folks looking to never forget their CO2 inflator on a ride.”

Summing up his experience with all of the tools on the trail, Major wrote: “Giant, I hope that Clutch is a sign of things to come. Smart, non-proprietary, innovative products are always welcome.”

For more, check out the full review at NSMB.com.

And for all the details on all four Clutch tool systems, click here.


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