MTB-MAG Calls TRX-0 an "Ideal Wheelset" for Trail Riding!

pátek 27. března 2020

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The website MTB-MAG published a review of the new TRX-0 WheelSystem following a long-term test and gave the composite wheels high marks, calling them an “ideal wheelset” for performance-minded trail riders.

Looking at the lightweight hookless carbon rims of the TRX-0 WheelSystem, tester Simon Silver wrote: “The inner rim width of 30mm provides stability in corners, particularly with lower [tire] pressures, and also helps support larger volume tires. Overall 30mm is a good size for 2.3”-2.6” tires these days.”

Silver also found the rims to be lightweight and stiff, with just the right amount of compliance on the trail.  “They’ve got the attributes we’re fond of, but aren’t overly harsh and rough,” he wrote. “We found rotational weight to be low, making steep climbs feel all that much easier.”

Beyond the rims, Silver also praised the hubs and Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) spoke technology. “We did find the wheels to have quite high spoke tension, which likely catered to the poppy feeling we got when airing off a jump or exiting a tight corner. We never needed to make any adjustments, as the wheels’ spoke tension remained high, and the wheels spun true throughout our test.”

Summing it up, Silver wrote: We’ll be keeping the TRX-0 wheels on our personal trail bike for the foreseeable future, as they tick all the boxes for being our ideal wheelset, and we’ve no reason to swap them for anything else.”

For more, check out the full review at

And for all the technical details on the new TRX WheelSystems, click here.


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