Gravel Cyclist Says Charge Pro Shoes "Win on All Counts"

úterý 18. února 2020

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The Gravel Cyclist website posted a review of the new Charge Pro shoe, detailing its features and technologies and describing its performance for gravel road riding. After nine months of riding, tester Jayson O’Mahoney concluded: “If a lightweight shoe, designed to handle abuse and efficiently transfer your power to the pedals and into the drivetrain sounds appealing, this could be a shoe for you.”

In his review, O’Mahoney covered some of the Charge Pro's key features including the ExoBeam plate with an updated dual-beam design, the ExoWrap foot enclosure, and dual Boa IP1 dials.

Describing the ExoBeam, O'Mahoney wrote: “The dual-beam design utilizes clever advances in composites to focus material that is stiffer towards the front of the shoe, the area where most of a rider’s power goes to the pedals. The rubber-protected outsole could be handy for off-the-bike activities.”

Summing up his experience using the Charge Pros for gravel riding, O’Mahoney wrote: “The last thing on my mind during a ride or race is my shoes. Provided I haven’t left them at home, I slide them on, lock them down and go ride. Giant’s Charge Pro shoes win on all counts here, and in a sea of black shoes (most black shoes are B-O-R-I-N-G), these are among the sharpest going with their stylish looks, and semi-gloss finish.”

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And for all the details on the new Charge shoe, click here.


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