CyclingNews: Propel Advanced Pro Disc 0 is "Spectacularly Efficient"!

čtvrtek 30. dubna 2020

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CyclingNews published a review of the new Propel Advanced Pro Disc aero road bike, claiming it has the “straight-line speed of a drag racer” and a “firm but comfortable ride quality.” Editors claimed that it holds its speed unlike any other aero road bike on the market and gave it a near-perfect 4.5-star ranking (out of 5).

CyclingNews Tester Colin Levitch reported on the evolution of the Propel range since it was first launched in 2013 as one of the first aero road machines. “While the latest version of the Propel, launched at the 2017 Tour de France, cuts a similar silhouette, every tube, angle, and component has been updated and upgraded,” he wrote. “Giant has worked with the Aero Concept Engineering wind tunnel on every iteration of the Propel, and our Advanced Pro test bike is no exception. Everything about this bike is aero from the semi-integrated cockpit and aero tubing to the geometry and riding position.”

As for its performance on the road, Levitch claimed the Propel Advanced Pro stands alone in its speed and efficiency. “The Propel Advanced Pro 0 holds speed like few bikes we’ve swung a leg over, while still maintaining its composure and predictability in blustery crosswinds and through corners,” he wrote. “I don’t know that I’ve ever ridden a bike that doesn’t have a bullhorn and bar extensions that holds its speed quite like the Propel Advanced Pro Disc.”

Editors also claimed that integrated component choices—including the SLR 1 WheelSystem with a 65mm rear rim depth and 42mm front, and the Contact SLR/SL Aero cockpit—helped boost the efficiency and handling on the Propel Advanced Pro Disc 0 model.

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