Inspirándose en nuestros aclamados cascos Rev MIPS y Pursuit MIPS, el nuevo casco Rev Pro MIPS es la combinación perfecta de diseño ultraligero para enfriar la cabeza, velocidad, aerodinámica, comodidad y seguridad. En el agotador viaje de un día o en una carrera a toda velocidad, el Rev Pro te ofrece el mejor rendimiento.

Key Performance Factors

Maximum airflow

Broad vents allow maximum airflow and consistent ventilation without sacrificing aerodynamics, keeping you cool on the long climbs and fast in the sprints

Cinch Pro™

Integrated, fully adjustable Cinch Pro™ MIPS fit system distributes contact pressure to give out-of-the-box comfort and all-day stability


In-molded outer shell is combined with secondary, submerged shell and MIPS protection system to provide maximum integrity and protection on impact



Drawing inspiration from our acclaimed Rev MIPS and Pursuit MIPS helmets, the all-new Rev Pro MIPS helmet is the perfect combination of lightweight head-cooling design, aero speed, comfort and safety. On the grueling day-long ride or in the all-out sprint, the Rev Pro delivers you maximum performance advantage.

Rev Pro Helmet with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features