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XTC Advanced SL 29 World Champion Frame


Was ist meine ideale Grösse?

Colombian XC racer Leonardo Páez rode his XtC Advanced SL 29 to a second-straight world championship title in 2020. To celebrate that achievement, we created this limited-edition replica hardtail frame with the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any bike in its class. Made with our most premium material, Advanced SL-grade composite, and weighing just 920 grams, it’s the lightest off-road frame Giant has ever produced.

When the terrain is fast and the climbs are steep, this is the race bike of choice for Giant XC pros like MTB Marathon World Champion Leo Páez. The XtC Advanced SL 29 boasts World Cup pedigree and a progressive frame design that achieves the lofty goal of being the lightest off-road machine ever built by Giant. The chassis is handcrafted with professional-level Advanced SL composite, featuring geometry that’s optimized for its balanced, stable and fast-rolling 29-inch wheels. Every frame is custom assembled with a specific composite layup schedule that varies according to frame size. The result? Supercharged climbing efficiency, smooth compliance through roots, rocks and ruts, and uncompromising performance to match your XC obsession.

Key Performance Factors

Superlight & Responsive

Professional-level Advanced SL composite frame is the lightest off-road frame Giant has ever produced, offering serious XC racers a competitive advantage for climbing, accelerating and sprinting.


The frame is engineered with the highest stiffness-to-weight-ratio of any hardtail mountain bike in its class, which translates to ultra-efficient pedaling power and precise handling on the trail.

Custom Compliance

Each frame is custom-tuned based on its size. Individual composite lay-up schedules are created to optimize vertical compliance to produce a smoother ride quality on XC terrain.

  • Grössen
    S, M, L, XL
  • Farbe
    Black/White/World Champion
  • Rahmen
    Advanced SL-Grade Composite
  • Gabel
  • Dämpfer
  • Gewicht
    Wie schwer ist das Fahrrad ? Das ist eine vielgestellte Frage. Zur Bestimmung des Gewichtes bei Fahrrädern gibt es keinen einheitlichen Industriestandard, was einen seriösen Vergleich von Gewichtsangaben nahezu unmöglich macht. Ein Fahrrad ist ein komplexes technisches Produkt. Fahrfreude wird von vielen Faktoren wie Sitzposition, Rahmengeometrie, Rahmenmaterial, Rahmenverarbeitung, Federungstechnologie, Laufrädern und Reifen bestimmt.

Spezifikations-, Preis- und Farbaenderungen vorbehalten.


From its superlight composite frameset to its XC-specific race geometry, the XtC Advanced SL 29 World Champion Edition helps you aim for the podium with efficiency and speed. Here’s a look at the key technologies behind this proven winner.

XtC Advanced SL 29 WC Frame with interactive tooltips

Größen- und Geometriedaten

Größen werden nicht in allen Ländern gleich angeboten. Dein Liv & Giant Händler gibt dir genaue Auskunft über verfügbare Größen.

Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
  • S
      163 cm5’4”  to 172 cm5’8”
  • M
      171 cm5’7”  to 180 cm5’11”
  • L
      179 cm5’10”  to 188 cm6’2”
  • XL
      187 cm6’2”  to 198 cm6’6”
bike diagram with measurements referenced in table that follows
Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
ASitzrohrlänge (mm) (inch)380154311747518.752520.7
BSitzrohrwinkel (degrees)73.5°73.5°73.5°73.5°
COberrohrlänge (mm) (inch)59523.461424.26352566526.2
DSteuerrohr-Länge (mm) (inch)953.7953.71054.11154.5
ESteuerrohr-Winkel (degrees)69.5°69.5°70.0°70.0°
FGabelneigung (mm) (inch)431.7431.7431.7431.7
GTrail (mm) (inch)94.93.794.93.794.93.794.93.7
HRadstand (mm) (inch)108742.8110643.5112844.4115945.6
IKettenstreben-Länge (mm) (inch)42516.742516.742516.742516.7
JTretlager-Höhe (mm) (inch)582.3582.3582.3582.3
KStack (mm) (inch)60423.860423.861324.163224.9
LReach (mm) (inch)41616.443517.145317.847718.8
MÜberstandshöhe (mm) (inch)7372976430.179131.182932.6
NLenkerbreite (mm) (inch)78030.778030.778030.778030.7
OVorbaulänge (mm) (inch)602.4702.8803.1903.5
PKurbellänge (mm) (inch)1706.71756.91756.91756.9
QRadgrösse 29"29"29"29"


Advanced SL Composite Technology

Spezifikations-, Preis- und Farbaenderungen vorbehalten.