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Revolt Advanced 1


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Get ready to crush some gravel. With its lightweight, endurance-friendly composite frame, generous tire clearance and smooth ride quality, Revolt Advanced lets you ride farther and faster on rough roads, gravel or dirt.

Designed with purpose-built geometry for gravel riding, plus engineered compliance in a lightweight composite frame, the Revolt Advanced is the perfect way to push new limits of speed on variable terrain. A composite fork eats up bumps, and the D-Fuse seatpost and Contact XR D-Fuse handlebar absorb shocks and vibrations. The frame is integrated for disc brakes and has clearance for high-volume tires up to 45mm so you can float through the rough stuff. Details including the X-Defender downtube protector and smart mount system for racks and accessories give you a head start on any gravel riding mission.

Key Performance Factors

Versatile gravel geometry

Frame is designed with endurance positioning and shorter chainstays for precise handling, agility and control. The result is confident speed in all situations, from out-of-the-saddle climbs to rugged dirt descents.

Tuned compliance

Innovative Contact XR D-Fuse handlebar and D-Fuse seatpost work as a system to help absorb shock without sacrificing the stiffness needed for aggressive road performance. Added frame clearance for high-volume tires up to 45mm helps smooth out rough roads, gravel and dirt.

All-rounder efficiency

The Advanced composite frame maximizes pedaling power, giving Revolt Advanced a smooth, fast ride quality on variable riding surfaces.

GrössenXS, S, M, ML, L, XL
RahmenAdvanced-Grade Composite, 12x142mm thru-axle, disc
GabelAdvanced-Grade Composite, full-composite OverDrive steerer, 12mm thru-axle, disc
LenkerGiant Contact XR D-Fuse, 31.8
VorbauGiant Contact, 8-degree
SattelstützeGiant D-Fuse, composite
SattelGiant Approach
SchalthebelShimano GRX RX-600
SchaltwerkShimano GRX RX-810
BremsenShimano GRX RX-400 hydraulic
BremshebelShimano GRX RX-600 hydraulic
KassetteShimano CS-M7000, 11x42
KetteKMC X11EL-1
KurbelShimano FC-RX600, 40t
TretlagerShimano, press fit
FelgenGiant P-X2 Disc wheelset
NabeGiant P-X2 Disc wheelset
SpeichenGiant P-X2 Disc wheelset
ReifenGiant CrossCut AT 1 Tubeless, 700x38C
GewichtWie schwer ist das Fahrrad ? Das ist eine vielgestellte Frage. Zur Bestimmung des Gewichtes bei Fahrrädern gibt es keinen einheitlichen Industriestandard, was einen seriösen Vergleich von Gewichtsangaben nahezu unmöglich macht. Ein Fahrrad ist ein komplexes technisches Produkt. Fahrfreude wird von vielen Faktoren wie Sitzposition, Rahmengeometrie, Rahmenmaterial, Rahmenverarbeitung, Federungstechnologie, Laufrädern und Reifen bestimmt.

Spezifikations-, Preis- und Farbaenderungen vorbehalten.

Größen- und Geometriedaten

Größen werden nicht in allen Ländern gleich angeboten. Dein Liv & Giant Händler gibt dir genaue Auskunft über verfügbare Größen.

  • XS
      155 cm5’1”  to 166 cm5’5”
  • S
      159 cm5’3”  to 171 cm5’7”
  • M
      169 cm5’7”  to 181 cm5’11”
  • ML
      174 cm5’9”  to 186 cm6’1”
  • L
      179 cm5’10”  to 191 cm6’3”
  • XL
      189 cm6’2”  to 200 cm6’7”
bike diagram
Sitzrohrlänge (mm) (inch)43016.945017.747018.549019.351020.153020.9
Sitzrohrwinkel (degrees)74.0°73.5°73.5°73.0°73.0°73.0°
Oberrohrlänge (mm) (inch)53020.954021.355021.756522.257522.659023.2
Steuerrohr-Länge (mm) (inch)1254.91355.31505.91656.51807.11957.7
Steuerrohr-Winkel (degrees)70.5°70.5°70.5°71.0°71.0°71.0°
Gabelneigung (mm) (inch)502502502502502502
Trail (mm) (inch)74.12.974.12.974.12.970.72.870.72.870.72.8
Radstand (mm) (inch)101439.9102040.2103140.6103640.8104641.2106241.8
Kettenstreben-Länge (mm) (inch)42516.742516.742516.742516.742516.742516.7
Tretlager-Höhe (mm) (inch)702.8702.8702.8702.8702.8702.8
Stack (mm) (inch)54821.65582257222.558823.160223.761624.3
Reach (mm) (inch)37314.737514.83811538515.239115.440215.8
Überstandshöhe (mm) (inch)71928.373428.975229.676830.278630.980331.6
Lenkerbreite (mm) (inch)42016.542016.544017.344017.346018.146018.1
Vorbaulänge (mm) (inch)702.8803.1903.51003.91003.91003.9
Kurbellänge (mm) (inch)1706.71706.7172.56.8172.56.81756.91756.9
Radgrösse 700C700C700C700C700C700C


Advanced Composite Technology
D-Fuse Technology
Tubeless System

Spezifikations-, Preis- und Farbaenderungen vorbehalten.