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Trance 29 Earns Bicycling Gear of the Year Award!


The all-new Trance Advanced Pro 29 earned a coveted “Gear of the Year”award from Bicycling Magazine, which tested the composite trail bike this summer and published an in-depth feature on it at

“During several weeks of testing, this bike surprised us and impressed us on almost every ride,” wrote Bicycling editor Louis Mazzante. “It’s a short-travel 29er with big-bike geometry and some really cool parts. That’s a very good thing for anyone who jumps on it.”

Describing its forward-thinking design and technologies, including an all-new Maestro Suspension setup that features 115mm of rear travel and 130mm up front, Mazzante added: “The Trance 29 is a wild bike that is way more capable than it looks. Don’t mistake it for an XC bike. This is a trail bike that will go faster, farther and bigger.”

Looking at the details of the new suspension setup, Mazzante wrote: “The Trance 29 gets an updated version of Giant’s Maestro suspension, a dual-link setup that has always offered a good mix of pedaling efficiency and bump absorption. The new system goes to a trunnion-mounted shock, which has mounting locations close to the shock body. The design reduces the space needed for the shock and in the Trance, allowed designers to use a longer-stroke shock, and thereby reducing the leverage ratio.”

The result, Mazzante wrote, is that “The Trance 29 further shows you don’t need a ton of travel to get rowdy on a bike. With its relatively long reach and wheelbase, slack headtube angle, and capable parts, you can attack descents and carry insane speeds for a bike with only 115mm of travel. The big wheels and 800mm wide bars further help calm things down when you’re marching downhill.”

For more, check out the full review on

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Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018