Important Safety Information

Please follow these instructions to use the Mac Ride safely.

  1. Install your Mac Ride the right way. This is the most important step. Always test it with your local Giant dealer to ensure the Mac Ride is installed properly.
    Check to make sure the front and rear mounts are secure and the saddle is set up in the right position. Are the legs set at the right length for the child, and can your front wheel turn safely with you and the child on board?
  2. Make sure you and the child are wearing helmets that fit properly.
  3. Start by practicing with Mac Ride without a child on it. The first time you ride with a Mac Ride, it feels different than riding without one. Make sure you feel comfortable and safe putting the child on the seat.
  4. Practice with the child, especially getting on and off. Help the child with getting on and off the Mac Ride.
  5. Start with short rides. When you feel comfortable. and the child is comfortable as well, practice by doing short trips. Once you get uset to it, you can start riding longer distances.
  6. Choose gentle, green off-road trails only. Don’t ride challenging trails meant for skilled riders. Take it easy, and enjoy having a good time with your family.
  7. Ride within your limits. You are riding an E-bike, so it’s easier to go farther and go faster—but always stay within your limits.

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