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Giant engineers took great care in perfecting the delicate balance of anti-squat, anti-rise, and leverage ratio. These critical elements lie at the foundation of the Trance X range, shaping how power is transferred, how braking forces are managed, and how the bike interacts with ever-changing terrain. The following three charts delve into the intricacies of anti-squat, which counteracts unwanted suspension movement during pedaling; anti-rise, which resists brake dive; and leverage ratio characteristics that determine how the bike absorbs impacts and handles rough terrain.


The Trance X range features the right amount of anti-rise capability to combat brake dive.


Maestro Suspension technology allows for complete suspension activity, whether under pedaling forces or coasting down the steepest terrain.

Leverage Ratio

A highly revised leverage ratio feels softer off the top, progressing steadily through its mid-stroke, then finishing with smooth bottom-out performance.

Trance X Setup

Series w/ Stock Wheel Size27.5" Rear-Wheel Compatibility29" Rear-Wheel CompatibilityFlip Chip - Maestro 3Flip Chip - Headset
Trance X Advanced (29/29)YesYesMid or Low (Suggested), High (Acceptable)0mm (Suggested), -5mm or +5mm (Acceptable)
Trance X (29/29)YesYesMid or Low (Suggested), High (Acceptable)0mm (Suggested), -5mm or +5mm (Acceptable)
Trance X Advanced SX (29/27.5)YesNoLow (Acceptable) Mid or High (suggested)+5mm (Suggested), 0mm or -5mm (Acceptable)
Trance X SX (29/27.5)YesNoLow (Acceptable) Mid or High (suggested)+5mm (Suggested), 0mm or -5mm (Acceptable)