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Created with an all-new head form for a more universal fit and the super-slim Mips Air Node® integrated rotational impact protection system, the third-generation Rail is our most comfortable and lightweight trail helmet yet. Boasting a five-star safety rating from the world-renowned Virginia Tech Helmet Safety lab, the Rail also features an accessible, four-position, snap-in height adjustment system, increased ventilation, and supple, lightweight straps with a handy Fidlock® buckle. Comfort, confidence and zero distractions—so you can focus on charging descents while staying cool on tough climbs.

Key Performance Factors


If you’ve ever felt a need to size up and cinch down to get the right feeling of width without pressure, the Rail’s new rounder shape offers a more balanced overall feel.


Fully integrated into the padding, the super low-profile Mips Air Node® liner is a top-of-the-line safety system that reduces rotational forces that would otherwise be transmitted to the brain during impact. With a five-star rating from Virginia Tech’s Helmet Safety Lab, it’s the ultimate in lightweight protection.


A four-position, snap-in height adjustment system combines with supple, lightweight straps and a handy Fidlock® buckle for a comfortable fit. Twenty one large, head-cooling ventilation channels optimize airflow as you hammer up climbs and bomb descents.


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From its Mips Air Node® integrated rotational impact protection system, which comes with a five-star rating from the globally recognized Virginia Tech Helmet Safety lab, to the innovative four-position, snap-in height adjustment system and hands-free Fidlock® buckle, the new Rail is packed with cutting-edge technology.

Rail Helmet with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features

Mips Air Node™
Magnetic Fidlock®
Virginia Tech 5 Star Rating