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Product posted a review of the 2017 Trance Advanced, detailing the updates to the latest model and putting it to the test on the famous desert trails of Moab, Utah.

“Giant updated the Trance for 2017, increasing front travel by 10mm, lengthening the top tube, and shortening the chainstays,” wrote reviewer Aaron Chamberlain. “In addition to the geometry changes, Giant revised the rear suspension as well, switching to a trunnion mount rear shock and employing a one piece carbon rocker to drive it.”

After taking the Trance Advanced out on the trails at Moab, Chamberlain wrote: “All it took was a corner or two to get comfortable on the Trance. I felt centered and neutral on the bike. With the suspension fully open, the Trance’s rear end stayed glued to the ground. Even so, the bike remained playful and easy to hop. Flipping the compression switch into the middle setting livened the bike up under pedaling.”

Summing up the ride experience, Chamberlain concluded that the Trance Advanced is “playful, well-balanced, and easy to get along with.”

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April 20, 2017

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