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Pinkbike Review on Pinner Pro Pedals: “Grippy and Reliable”

February 15, 2022


Pinkbike published a review of the new Pinner Pro flat pedals, calling them “incredibly grippy” and “a good value.”

Tester Henry Quinney detailed some of the design features of the pedals, which have an aluminum body, chromoly spindle, and sealed bearings. He rode them over several months in a range of conditions around Squamish, British Columbia.
“The large platform, which has a 115x110mm contact area, did a fantastic job of holding my feet securely while also blending in comfort,” Quinney wrote. “I’ve done some long, all-out-slog climbs on the pedals in a variety of shoes and have not had any issues with hot spots or irritation. I’ve used different brands of shoes, too.”
Summing up his review, Quinney wrote, “the grip levels are fantastic, the looks are clean and simple.”
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