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Explore E+ earns "Best Pick 2023" mention by Protégez-Vous

May 25, 2023


With its powerful motor, its ALUXX aluminum frame, and its state-of-the-art technologies, the Explore E+ range of electric bikes recently earned the "Best Pick 2023" mention during the test by Protégez-Vous, the Quebec organization whose mission is to provide neutral and independent information on the various products offered on the market.

Protégez-Vous, the organization serving Quebec consumers, recently tested 20 electric bikes, including Giant's all-new Explore E+. Each bike was evaluated on handling, comfort, braking & battery performance, ease of use, as well as build and material quality.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technologies and thoughtful details, the Explore E+ line of electric bikes ranked at the top and earned the "Best Pick 2023" mention.

The features that made it stand out include its ALUXX aluminum frameset giving it smooth and stable handling, and its front suspension upgraded over the previous generation, increasing travel from 63mm to 100mm of travel to soak up potholes and bumps on rough roads or dirt. It's also equipped with new wider 57mm tires giving it a confident, grippy ride.

Explore E+ is packed with innovative details, including integrated cable routing. The cables and wires are cleanly tucked away, running below the stem and through the head tube, which protects them from damage and offers a clean and tidy profile. The Explore E+ also features Smart Assist, an adaptive support mode that uses six sensors to determine the precise amount of pedaling support needed on variable terrain.

Beyond its motor, frameset, and standard components, the Explore E+ also has some special features that make it a highly capable trekker and a great choice for longer adventures. A trailer mount at the rear dropout makes it easy to pull additional cargo. The mount is designed for simple setup with no proprietary axles or converters, and it’s compatible with trailers from leading brands including Thule, Bluebird, and Qeridoo. Semi-integrated lights front
and rear, including a brake light, improve visibility at night and in low-light conditions.

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