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Electric Bike Action Rides The New Full-E+ SX!


The June issue of Electric Bike Action magazine includes a full 5-page feature covering Giant’s newest off-road E-bike, the Full-E+. The magazine published full reviews of the Full-E+ O SX and the next-generation 2018 Full E+ 0 SX Pro model.

After riding the Full-E+ SX on the trails near Giant USA’s Southern California headquarters, EBA test riders were impressed with its integrated SyncDrive motor system powered by Yamaha, and its capable off-road handling.

The SyncDrive motor has some definite performance tweaks,” wrote EBA. “There’s plenty of torque at 80 N/m, and typical of most Yamaha configurations, it starts in at nearly 0 rpm. It’s a really easy bike to climb hills on, even when you get stuck behind a slower rider on a non-motorized bike. Low cadence is no sweat, literally.”

As for its trail manners, EBA praised its ALUXX SL aluminum frame design and Maestro suspension system:

“Giant has put years of experience to work on the suspension. We learned to just trust it to carry us over sections we’d normally hold way back on. The head tube angle and forks are great for the slightly plus-sized tires; it keeps you out of trouble on rutted trails. The 140mm of travel (160mm in the front) is great for bombing down rocky or rutted trails.”

In the same feature, EBA also wrote about the 2018 Full E+ 0 SX Pro, which is available now in select markets and features the new SyncDrive Pro motor technology. 

To read the full review, check out the June issue of Electric Bike Action magazine. And to learn more about the Full-E+ range, click here. 

April 25, 2017

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