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The future is bright for Giant's new Young Guns

In 2019 Giant Bicycle Canada is excited to welcome three new Young Guns to the family. Joining us are three promising Junior hopefuls. Both Jacob Rubuliak and Cody Scott hail from British Columbia, while Ryan Maclean is from Alberta and have been racing from a young age. All of them are Provincial Champions in different disciplines and have represented their Province’s at a National Level. The next step for these riders is to build on their cycling careers and Giant Bicycles Canada is there to join them on the journey.

We have been watching Jacob, Cody and Ryan for many years. We see the amazing support they have from family, local Bike Shops and coaches. We want to help them with the best equipment to make that journey to the higher echelons of the sport.  Jacob has been supported by Cyclepath Kelowna, BC for many years with help from Colby Large, Giant Canada Territory Manager, BC. He will continue to race on the Road, Track and Cyclocross. He has big plans for 2019 and will be working with former National Coach Richard Wooles. His sights are set on Nationals and World Championships for 2019.

Cody Scott will be joining Giant Canada after racing for many years under the Devo Program in Vancouver. He will be supported by North Vancouver Store Steed Cycles and concentrating on XCO and Cyclocross Events in Canada and North America. He has been working with former Pro Racer Ben Chaddock for the last few seasons and has set goals to represent Canada at the World Mountain Bike Championships in Mont Sainte Anne, QC in September.

Ryan has been part of the Juventus program in Alberta and travelled to Europe in 2018-2019 to gain valuable experience on the European Cyclocross Circuit. He will be supported by Giant Edmonton and his club throughout the season with the aim to return to Europe once again in the Winter.

"We are very excited to be supporting Jacob, Cody and Ryan with the equipment they need to reach their goals. With the Family support and Coaching they have we know they are on the right path to success" Paul Mc Carthy, Event Coordinator, Giant Bicycle Canada.

Name: Jacob Rubuliak

Age: 16

Sponsors: Giant, 4iiii, ISM. Peak & Valley Coaching is sponsored by 100%, Herschel and Power2Max.


How long have you been riding and racing bikes?

I have been riding since I was 3yrs old and I have been racing the past 4 years

Highlights for you so far?

Last season I had a bunch of highlight races. Some include 3rd at the Junior TT Nationals (as a U17). 7 medals at U17 track nationals. 5th at Junior Cyclocross Nationals. As well as 1st at Hayman Classic U17 stage race GC and 1st at Tour de Bloom CAT 3 stage race GC. I also picked up 8 Provincial titles last season. I really enjoyed getting to bigger races and competing at such a high level.

What is your favourite type of riding?

I really enjoy all types of riding, I race track, cross, road and get out for the occasional MTB ride. If I had to choose one, it would probably be road racing. I enjoy the fast pace, tactics and teamwork.  However, the seasons are mostly separated so I can keep racing year-round!

Goals for 2019?

My big goal for 2019 is a win at the Canadian Junior TT Championships. I am aiming to qualify for the 2019 Junior Road World Championships. I am also very excited for my first year at Junior Track Nationals. I am looking for some podium finishes in the group races, Individual Pursuit and Team Pursuit. I am planning on another great season of racing cyclocross next season. One of my goals for cyclocross is a podium at cross nationals.

Goals for the Future?

I am really determined to get some big results in these next two years as a Junior. I will try to keep improving in all disciplines. I am planning on doing some road racing in Europe next spring, so I can get some real experience racing with the fastest Juniors in the world. After my last season of Junior, I will have to see where it takes me. I will try to get on a European u23 road development squad.

You guys have raced against each other a lot in the past. What is it like to be on the same program for 2019? Will it still be very competitive?

I am very excited to be racing on the same team with Cody. Last season we had some good battles and I really enjoyed racing with him. I am looking forward to this season, we will be able to work together and push each other to get to the highest level possible. I’m sure we will have some good battles.  I am viewing it as a way we can help each other out and race as a team to get some great results!

What does it mean to be involved with Giant Bicycles for 2019?

Racing for Giant in 2019 is a big step in my career. It is the first time I have been named to a real team.  I am really excited to be racing for a real team and to represent the biggest bicycle brand in the world!

2019 Schedule:

BC Spring Series

Junior Track Nationals - April 12-14

Junior Road Nationals - June 28-30

Junior CX Nationals - November TBA

Enumclaw Stage Race - 17-19

Tour De Bloom - May 3-5

Abitibi Stage Race - July 15-21

Hayman Classic - May 25-26

BC Super week - July 5-14

Interior CX series

VCXC series

Junior Road Worlds if qualified - Sept 21-29

Junior Track Worlds if qualified - Aug 14-18


Name: Cody Scott

Age: 17

Sponsors: Giant Canada, Ina Ervin Personal Real Estate Corporation, Can-Swiss Contracting LTD


How long have you been riding and racing bikes?

I’ve been riding bikes since I could walk, and I’ve been racing since 2013

Highlights for you so far?

I think one of the stand out highlights was going to Quebec for the first time to race two Canada cups last summer with Cycling BC. I had an amazing experience, and the courses were some of the best I’ve ever raced on.

What is your favourite type of riding?

Cross Country MTB on Seymour because it’s got some great XC but the descents are quite challenging

Goals for 2019?

My ultimate goal for the 2019 season is to qualify for the XCO Worlds in Mont ST Anne, Que. But my process goal is to be as consistent as I can be for the whole season.

Goals for the Future?

My dream is to represent Canada at the Olympics in XCO.

You guys have raced against each other a lot in the past. What is it like to be on the same program for 2019? Will it still be very competitive?

I think it will great! We have had some great battles on the bike, but there’s absolutely nothing negative between us. We pre-ride together and talk about line choice, even when we both know we want to beat each other. I still think we will be competitive, but maintain a great friendship, and push each other as well.

What does it mean to be involved with Giant Bicycles for 2019?

I think it will open up opportunities for me to grow as a rider and get my name out to bigger teams down the road, such as the GFORT.

2019 Schedule: 

March 16- Bonelli Park UCI XCO

March 24- Temecula UCI XCO

March 30- Bear Mountain Canada Cup

April 20- Jeremy’s Roubaix Road Race

May 4- Sunshine Coaster XCO

May 11- Vedder XCM

May 25 or 26- Mont Tremblant Canada Cup

June 1 or 2- Baie St Paul Canada Cup

Maybe June 8- Sherbrook Canada Cup XCO

Maybe June 15- Sp’akw’us 50 XCM

June 22- Whistler Canada Cup XCO

June 29-30- Canmore Canada Cup XCO

July 14- Horseshoe XCO Canada

July 20- Hardwood Hills XCO Nationals

Maybe August 24-25- XCO Worlds Mont St Anne

November 2-3- CX Nationals and UCI C2 Peterborough

November 9-10- Pan Ams and Silver Goose C2 Midland

Feb 2 - UCI Cyclocross World Championships 2020


Name: Ryan MacLean

Age: 18

Sponsors: Giant Bikes Canada


How long have you been riding and racing bikes?

This will be my fourth year racing.

Highlights for you so far?

I have had so many great memories over the past three years of racing bikes. If I had to choose one, it would be, having the opportunity to race cyclocross in Europe and go to the 2019 CX World Championships in Bogense, Denmark.

What is your favourite type of riding?

I am most happy whenever I am on a bike, whether its mountain, road or cyclocross. If I had to choose one, it would have to be cyclocross. I am so attracted to cyclocross because of the amount of uncertainty it brings, you must be able to adapt to changing conditions, mechanicals and tactics.

Goals for 2019?

My goal for this year is to carry my momentum from the end of last season and into this one. All while continuing to have as much fun and passion for the sport as possible. Whether it be to qualify for XCO World Championships in Canada or have a chance to race cyclocross in Europe again and compete in the 2020 CX World Championships.

Goals for the Future?

Whenever I think about the future, my primary objective is to develop as a racer; competing at my best, physically and mentally. Also, to grow as an individual by taking these opportunities to travel to learn and see the world.

You guys have raced against each other a lot in the past. What is it like to be on the same program for 2019? Will it still be very competitive?

I am super excited! I’ve only had the chance to race Jacob and Cody a few times in past seasons, but it was great fun and a challenge. I look forward to learning from them and hopefully pushing them also.

What does it mean to be involved with Giant Bicycles for 2019?

I am super happy to be racing under Giant this season. This is my first time being backed by such a big name, and I look forward to the opportunities it will bring. I can’t wait to ride and represent Giant bikes!

2019 Schedule:

Alberta Road series (May 4 - Aug 5)

Alberta XC MTB series (May 4- June 9)

Hayman Classic - (May 25-26)

Canada Cup #3 XCO Canmore (Jun 29) OR Jr. Road Nationals (Jun 28 - 30)

Canada Cup # 7 XCO Horseshoe (Jul 13)

XCO Canadian Championships Hardwood Hills (Jul 20)

Western Summer Games (Aug 10)

Alberta CX series (Sept 7 - Oct 27)

CX Nationals and UCI C2 Peterborough (Nov 2-3)

Pan Am and Silver Goose C2 Midland (Nov 9-10)

European XC campaign - If selected (December - Feb 2)


Photos by: Header - TLBVelo Photography, Ryan McLean - Anton Vos, Cody Scott -  Scott Robarts.