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Developed as a superlight rear suspension setup for XC bikes that demand efficiency, control and responsive handling, FlexPoint Pro is a linkage-driven, single-pivot system that delivers 100mm of rear-wheel travel. It’s engineered with a full-composite swingarm that significantly reduces overall frame weight.

Smoother and Faster

Proven linkage-driven, single-pivot suspension design delivers increased efficiency, traction and control for off-road riding conditions ranging from steep climbs to fast, technical descents.

Weight-Saving Design

By eliminating the lower rocker arm (and two pivot points) and using state-of-the-art full composite construction, FlexPoint Pro saves significant weight over dual-rocker designs.

Less Is More

The flexing action of the chainstay/seatstay junction creates a ground-tracking, active system that minimizes complex pivots and linkages for durable off-road performance.

Models Featuring FlexPoint Pro