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Where do you want to ride today? The opportunities are nearly endless with this versatile E-bike that opens up a world of opportunities. Daily commutes, trips to the market, or longer treks on the weekend. Wherever you want to go, the new AnyTour E+ can turn any trip into a fun adventure.

Exploring new destinations and finding new roads is part of the fun with AnyTour E+. Onboard navigation makes this easy, ensuring that wherever you go, you’ll never be lost.

With its versatility and easy handling, the AnyTour E+ combines confident capabilities with smooth-riding comfort. Whether you’re riding through the city or taking longer routes through the countryside, everything from the frame design to the suspension and tires is purpose-built to give you confidence, control and a smooth, pleasurable ride.

The AnyTour E+ is powered by the latest Giant SyncDrive motor, which has a powerful torque output and is tuned for lower noise levels and quiet performance. It also features Smart Assist technology, which you can use to automatically adjust the pedaling support without having to change settings. This intelligent system uses sensors and advanced algorithms to produce extremely smooth and natural feeling support

Energypak Smart

Cleanly integrated into the frame, this premium battery technology produces continuous communication between the battery and charger for optimized performance. It can charge up to 80 percent in 2.2 hours.

Head Tube Charge Port

Newly designed charge port has been relocated from the motor mount to the head tube. This higher placement offers easier access and convenience for charging the battery.

Two SyncDrive Motors to choose from

The All-New AnyTour E+