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I was raised in a family heavily involved in outdoor recreation. I grew up skiing, backpacking, hunting, fishing and dabbling in all different cycling disciplines. The bike became my favorite way to explore the world, push myself to new limits, and fuel my competitive drive. I eventually went to college in Durango, Colorado, where I met my girlfriend, and together we launched into our young careers as professional cyclists. I’m now specializing in off-road endurance events with the goal of winning the Life Time Grand Prix.

HometownCashmere, Washington
Where you live nowGirona, Spain; Durango, Colorado; Cashmere, Washington; Inverness, California
Other team/group affiliationsThe Feed’s High Performance Team, Assos, Kenda, Shimano, Arlberg Sports, Orange Seal Academy
Main cycling disciplinesEndurance racing, gravel and mountain bike
What drew you to this type of ridingExploring the mountains on two wheels and challenging myself with technical terrain.
Ideal training rideWith my girlfriend and a solid group of good buddies. Somewhere deep in the mountains where you don’t see any other humans. Smash together up the climbs and ride on the edge down the descents. Stop for snack breaks along the way and maybe even jump in a lake or river, too.
How do you push through suffer sessionsRefocus the mind and find the flow state.
Ideal raceThe more technical the better.
Favorite place to ride
Girona, Spain
Career highlights (cycling or otherwise)1st Mid South 2022; 1st Chequamegon 40 2021; 1st Iceman Cometh 2021; 2nd Crusher in the Tushar 2022; 4th overall Life Time Grand Prix 2022
What you bring on every rideFood and water
Tips for aspiring racersThe process takes patience. Cycling should be fun. Chase the extraordinary moments and don’t forget to enjoy the ordinary ones.
Life mottoIf you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.