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I'm a 20-year veteran of the Giant Factory Off-Road Team and current Manager/Racer for Giant's Gravel Crusher global gravel collective. In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with wheeled things, but I don't really understand what's happening inside a zamboni.

Birth dateJune 3, 1975
ResidesBend, Oregon
DisciplinesXC, Cyclocross, Gravel
Top results
  • 5-time Downieville All-Mountain World Champion (2010-2014)
  • 3-time Lost Sierra Triple Crown champion (2016-2018)
  • 2-time Super D U.S. Champion (2007-08)
  • 7-time U.S. team rider at UCI World Championships
  • 2019 Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder overall champion
  • 2005 U.S Elite National Road Champion
Favorite bikeThe new Giant Revolt. It's everything I hoped it would be.
Favorite raceRevenge of the Siskiyous, circa 1990. The first time I beat my Old Man, one of my best performances to date.
Favorite place to rideA return to Mallorca for some long rides in the Mediterranean sun sounds amazing.
Dream destinationSince I was a Steeplechaser once, it would be neat to explore Kenya. Probably on a gravel bike.
Great memoriesWins at the Downieville Classic always meant a lot to me. Racing rally cars in the LA Coliseum during the X-Games would also make the highlight reel.
What do you carry on a long ride?While others go for a gel packet or an energy bar, I prefer a ziplock back with a grilled pork chop on occasion. Otherwise, I tend to underpack, and then ride faster as I run out of supplies and become desperate.
If you could ride with one personI've been fortunate to spend countless hours on bikes with Adam Craig over the last 22 years. He's still my favorite person to follow down a ribbon of singletrack.
Favorite quote"Racing is life. Everything that happens before or after is just waiting." - Steve McQueen
Tips for new ridersLower your air pressure. Seriously. Less really is more.
Words to live by"Simplify, then add lightness." - Colin Chapman