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Rev Comp Mips Tops Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings!

01 декември 2021 г.


The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab published its latest ratings on helmet safety, and the Giant Rev Comp Mips topped its list as this year’s safest road helmet.

BikeRadar published a news summary of the ratings, which are considered more comprehensive than the standard tests helmets must pass before they go to market. The helmet ratings are a culmination of more than 10 years of research on head impacts in sports. The testing is 100 percent independent of funding or influence from helmet manufacturers.
This year Virginia Tech rated a total of 138 helmets in several categories including road, mountain bike and urban. The Rev Comp Mips received a 5-star rating and a top score in the road category of 9.1. The Rev Pro Mips also made the top-10, earning a score of 10.2. (Note, lower scores indicate better protection).
BikeRadar reported on the testing procedure, writing: “Virginia Tech’s testing uses a standard drop tower, which is the standard tool used to test bike helmets. It drops the helmet down a slider and it lands on a steel anvil. Virginia Tech covers this with coarse sandpaper, which it says helps to better simulate real-live road conditions.”
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